Picking a classEdit

At the start of the game you can choose from any of 5 classes. Hunter, Ranger, Force, Brave or Bouncer. Need some help deciding? Well read on friend.

If you are new to this type of game or if you like simple easy to play characters, you should try a hunter. They can take more damage normally and have a basic "run up to it and hit it" type of play mechanic.

If you like guns, shooters or prefer to keep some distance between you and the enemy, ranger might be a good fit. They are a bit frail, but not so much so as a force. They have a collection of different firearms to choose from. Just be sure to keep some distance between you and the target.

Now if you are like me and always need to play the sorceress, mage or wizard, or if you want a more challenging character or if the idea of bending reality to your whim with but a thought, then I would recommend this path. They are a bit tricky to play as lets face it, if so much as slap a force too hard, they die. Having enemies at close range is a death sentence. If you can stay in the back and let close range types soak up the damage, they your combat and healing powers can quickly turn the tides of battle.

So what if you still can't decide or want a combination of types? If that is the case, a Braver or a Bouncer might be the best choice. They each combine hunter with either a ranger or a force. These are newer classes, but offer alot of flexibility.

Once you get some levels under your belt with either hunter, ranger or force, you can move up to an advanced type of class, fighter, Gunner or Techer. These require you to hit 30th level in the proper base class to unlock it. For more info on what unlocks what, see the Classes page. The advanced classes are similar to their basic counterparts, but offer new weapons, skills and techniques.

The tour is not finnished yet. Much more is to come.

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