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Welcome to the PSO2pedia WikiEdit

PSO2 Pedia is a new resource to understanding and playing Phantasy Star Online 2.

There are many fansites and web pages devoted to this awesome new game. Some are simple, others very good, but all have left us here feeling as if something was missing. So whether you are english speaking and need help understanding the Japanese version of the game or a Japanese person wanting more info, we have made this page for you.

When the international version of the game is released, we will likely cover it as well, but we will address that at a later time as it is not out yet anyway.

This site is very new and not in service yet, but we are adding content little by little. We have a small amount of content now and have been adding info to the weapons sections mostly. There is still alot to do, but there is at least a bit of info (mostly for forces).

The NexusEdit

This is where you'll find the latest updates, news, and information about PSO2 . So check this section often to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world of PSO2!

Game Updates

7/18/2012 - New missions, weapons, clothes, hairstyles, and items have been added! For more information about the updates, click here .

9/12/2012 - New classes, weapons, mission events, emergency missions, photon arts and techniques added!

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menues and everything else.

This Wikia site is maintained by little Mika and issa. The site has not been updated in a long time due to personal reasons and an issue of a lost password. Back again now so will updat it as best I can with the limited time that I have. This site was last updated on December 4, 2015.

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