Welcome to my user page! I started this wiki site with my comrade little Mika to help others learn about the game and make the most of their gaming experience. We hope you enjoy our site and find it useful and entertaining. Mika is the primary content provider for this site and has a deep understanding and appreciation for the game, so if you want to know something about the game, little Mika is the one to ask.


This is a picture of issa and her mag.

When I found out that PSO2 was undergoing beta testing, I quickly jumped in to get in on the action and I've been playing ever since. PSO2 quickly became my favorite game, and I expect that it shall continue to be for a very long time.

I love playing on the Japanese servers and it's a great learning experience as I am starting to learn written and oral Japanese. It's also a much more pleasant atmosphere compared to the often crude language and inappropriate behaviors I've witnessed on the American servers for Phantasy Star Universe. So when the Western version of the game is released in 2013, I'm very happy staying on the Japanese servers, but that's just me. Besides, I've put a lot of work into my character.

I enjoy playing a hunter and it is my favorite class probably because of my "charge in head first" kind of mentality. Of all the hunter weapons at the moment, I think the wire lances are the best and most interesting. If they release double sabers, I think they will be my second favorite weapon choice.

My mag is in it's final form, Delphinus (ドルフィヌス) and it's photon blast features a large unicorn that runs head first into enemies (or walls) - not very entertaining, but at times it can be comical. Delphinus is a good mag and I think of him like a pet (only without the mess).

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