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I play Phantasy Star Online 2. It is a very cool game and I am quid fond of it. I was involved in the beta. I love this game very much, but found it difficult. I can read some Japanese, but a master I am not. I found things to be somewhat confusing, the weapons and items mostly, and sought a bit of aid on the web. In the early days there where a few fan sights, but none really answered my questions. I figured that others that could not read Japanese would be even worse off than me. That said Me and Issa teamed up to make this site to help others enjoy this wonderful new game that Sega has made.

I do most of the work here when I'm not playing or swamped with work. It is very slow going, but it is moving along. This is a wiki, but really it is just a fan site. I am the Mika that does the tour and gives the advice. Also, that is me in the logo :)

I play a 40th level force, and have a subclass of techer, although I might reverse them. So for now I'm a force-techer, or a Fortecher. Reminds me of PSU.... lol

Some of my termanology might seem odd to you. This is because I grew up with Phantasy star. I had Phantasy star 1,2,3, PSO1, PSU and now PSO2. In the origial game the names were different. I think of these names as correct. The new names grate on my nerves greatly. Thus I use the propper names on this site often, the original names.

I try to be thourough about keeping to Sega's rules for fan sites. My avatar and all pics here are copywrite Sega. This site doesn't always give me the option to put that with the photos.

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