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Weapons overviewEdit

Each class can equip only the weapons of their class. Thus a ranger can't equip a hunter weapon, forces can't use guns, etc. Also note that unless a force weapon is equided, techniques can't be used. You will also notice that the weapon "Gunslash" is listed under all classes. This is because it is a generic weapon type usable by all. It isn't as strong as other class specific weapons, but does offer out of class functionality.

Only the non-upgraded base models of each weapon will be listed in the tables under each heading, however many weapons you will encounter are not base models. The Upgrading Weapons page will detail the different upgrades and the process of upgrading them.

Each section features the class name and lists the weapon classes they can use. Follow the weapon links to see a listing of the known weapons of that type.

This page has been updated to reflect the new classes and weapons coming out in September of 2012.

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Hunter Edit

Gunslash - ガンスラッシュ Wire Lance - ワイヤードランス Sword - ソード
Partisan - パルチザン


Gunslash - ガンスラッシュ Knuckles Twin Daggers
Double Saber - ダブルセイバー

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Gunslash - ガンスラッシュ Rifle - ライフル Launcher - ランチャー


Gunslash - ガンスラッシュ Rifle - ライフル Twin Mech Guns

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Gunslash - ガンスラッシュ Rod - ロッド Talis - タリス


Gunslash - ガンスラッシュ Wand - ワンド Talis - タリス

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Note: Double Sabers and Wands do not exist in the game as of yet and may or may not be available to the class they are listed under.

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